ABOUT silja

Ironically, I grew up in the very conservative, Catholic South of Germany (close to the Black Forest), but my soul somehow brought me on the path of sexuality, healing and female empowerment. Because or despite of my upbringings - who knows! I used to wear push-up bras, bleached my hair blonde, wore high heels and tons of make-up. Now, at 32, I don´t even own a bra anymore, I feel most comfortable being bare faced, and can finally fully love my natural self.

My journey has led me through my portion of pain, trauma and darkness. For many years, I battled with acne, PCOS, anxiety, chronic fatigue, heavy menstrual cramps and PMS, food intolerances and a very low self worth. I always thought I must be broken in some way, dealing with all these symptoms while others were not. I jumped from one toxic and dysfunctional relationship to another, not really knowing how to figure out this life. 

After many years of trying to heal myself through nutrition, yoga, meditations and affirmations - which all didn´t work - I found out that sexual trauma I hadn´t even known about was the root of all my symptoms. My deep sexual healing and liberation journey began - starting with an orgasm that literally changed my life. Through an intuitive self pleasure technique I experienced one earth-shattering, life-changing, soul-awakening orgasm  that literally catapulted trauma out of my body. It felt like I went through hell and then met God or Goddess - quite literally.

Get to know me better.

I had this deep inner knowing: this is my path.

It was such a clear, unmistakable feeling within me. It felt like an initiation by the universe, into the deep (under)world of sexual energy and healing. The dark and the light sides, both I had felt in my body intensely. It took more than that one orgasm to heal and transform, but it was the powerful start of my journey.

And one by one, everything I had suffered dissolved, all symptoms went away, even PCOS which is deemed incurable in modern medicine. All those years, I had never really worked with the depths of my body, my sexuality, my subconscious. That´s why those are the pillars of my work today - because I firmly believe that without also addressing these parts of us, we can never be in our full power and wholeness.

It´s my deepest passion to support other women in their sexual and feminine awakening journey.  As a scorpio sun and Pluto in my first hourse - sexuality, bringing darkness and taboos to light and the energy of transformation are my elixirs.

I now live in a healthy, deeply fulfilling relationship with my soul partner, I do the work I really love and feel connected to myself, my body and this world in the most beautiful way. 

I believe we are all born worthy, whole, radiant and blissful. You never become something, you unbecome - you unbecome your conditioning, the layers of trauma, pain and everything you were made to believe you are, but you´re not. This journey of unbecoming to me is the most meaningful, profound journey of your life.

Want to know even more about me?

My not-so-far-away dream is to live with my man and our children in a beautiful home in Ibiza, living in harmony with nature and animals.

I love animals immensely - I know everyone says that, but mine is a Scorpionic kind of love. I rescue every snail and little flies.

In mythology, I feel like I would be an Amazone - strolling through forests, bare feet and breasts. Forests feel like my home - I´d rather bathe in a forest than in the ocean.

I´m a scorpio sun with libra ascendent and capricorn moon. In Human Design, I´m a 5/1 Generator. 

I love skin contact with people I love, the cooing of pigeons, cat purrs, sunsets, massages, good food, deep talks, laughing, nature - and so many other things.

I have a passion for deep, dark techno and raving for hours in clubs in Berlin. 

Cats are very special to me and feel like my spirit guides since I was a child. To me they are portals to other mystical worlds.

I don´t have everything figured out. Like you, as long as I live I will be on a journey of growing and unbecoming.

Just like you, some words aren´t enough to describe the vastness of a soul.  I´m a beautiful litte universe just like you are one - come into my spaces or contact me to connect further!

With love, Silja

My gift for you - check out my playlists. Music is for the soul 🌹