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Wild & Holy Retreats

A deeply activating journey into the realms of the feminine.

The idea of the woman being the original sinner is one of the biggest manipulations of humankind. We women are sacred gatekeepers, goddesses with portals between our legs (no matter if you will have children or not), the bridge between the material and the spiritual realm. We women are powerfully connected to the cycles of this earth, to Mother Nature herself. In fact, we are nature. Within each woman lies an unimaginable force, beauty and energy that burns down everything that keeps her small if it´ s unleashed. Her sexual energy is a waterfall, an abundant, never-ending source of pleasure and magnetism, gifting a woman everything she needs for a life in freedom, bliss and power. 

Over the past 1000s of years, women have been systematically cut off from their sexual power, their feminine power, their inner sacred feminine energy. This retreat is a reclamation. Together we reclaim heaven on earth, we worship the feminine, we celebrate all the different facets that makes us woman. This retreat is to let go and burn away what doesn´ t serve you, to heal, laugh, cry, sing, die and rebirth together. We dive into the primordial feminine and awaken the most powerful archetypes within us. This is a deep rebirthing journey. Your wounds, pains, fears are the ashes, the birth ground, the fertile soil for you to reawaken lost parts, to rebirth into who you truly are. We grow roots and wings, held by the Earth and the Universe. We restore Garden of Eden - within us, and with that, outside of us as well: abundant, vibrant, rich, magnetic, pulsating with sexual energy, radiant, powerful. Together, we unleash the true power of the feminine.

Women´s Retreat, Ibiza
4 - 10 Nov, 2023

Imagine waking up in the most beautiful, luxurious oasis - secluded, with lush nature and waters around you. You start the day in deep reverence to your body, with sensual movements and meditations, followed by abundant, vibrant gourmet breakfasts by the pool. You´ re surrounded by sisters who came here for the same reason like you. After breakfast, you get to decide if you want to connect, sit by our pools or daybeds or find one of the many beautiful secluded areas to rest, nourish and integrate. You naturally bath in abundance, healing, connection and beauty every single day.

During the day, we will come together for deeply transformative rituals, ancient feminine ceremonies, healing breathwork sessions, sound healing and embodiment, movement & dance. We will dive into the power and medicine of feminine archetypes, female shamanic journeys, Tao-Tantric practices, Priestess Temple arts, womb healing and sacred sisterhood. We dive deep into the lost arts and practices that let us women heal, connect and thrive.

Delicious, luxurious plant-based food and drinks await you all day, and in the evening we gather for an indulgent dinner and spend magical evenings watching stars, having intimate talks, finding calm in peaceful integrative embodiment sessions or ending the day in our sauna or whirlpool.

Will you join us for a deep awakening journey?

Garden of Eden: abundant, vibrant, rich, magnetic, pulsating with life force energy, radiant, powerful. 

It´s hard for me to put this in words.

I've tried writing about it many times, but it's like the experience can't be explained, only felt. I've never, in my life, felt so safe, accepted, and whole as I did during my time on this retreat. I don't know how I was living in the world with all these things tucked inside of me... and one by one they came up on this retreat, and I was able to let so much of it go. Healing happened through breath, dance, and nights sitting by the fire. It reminded me of a time long, long ago when we were free and safe to roam the Earth under the stars. Witnessing each woman go through her own process gave me permission to embark on my own. 
Now it feels like my heart is about to burst. My wingspan has grown. It stretches for miles. But I also feel more freedom. And now I'm not afraid of what will happen when I fly. From my entire heart, womb, and soul: thank you. 


It is hard to put Silja´s magic into words.

Words are not enough to describe what this retreat did with me. You have to experience it. Deep transformation, real pure sisterhood, pure magic! From the bottom of my heart, I wish every woman would experience this. I came back from this retreat as a different woman and I thank myself so much for following my intuition. And you, Silja. Just: thank you.


I knew the moment I met you on Instagram and saw your offering for the Lilith retreat that this is going to change my life. From the depth of my heart thank you. Thank you for showing me more of who I really am as a woman! So many fears came up, but I knew this was the right thing to do in order to heal and to overcome my fears. I was able to release so many stuck emotions, to really heal deep old wounds and to feel what it is like to be the women I am meant to be. For me this retreat was the beginning of something beautiful: the beginning of another woman. 

Connecting to our sexuality, nourishing our body, feeling it in the most sensual way changed my relationship to my body. Dancing naked and singing with other sisters, be held by each other, sharing our deepest desires and fears, it was true sisterhood. I was able to heal a lot of my sister wound. This retreat made me take back a part of my power I lost along all those years.  

For me this retreat was the beginning of another woman. 


Your retreat has changed my life.

Silja's magic cannot be described with words and touched my soul deeply. It was really something else. The energy and beauty was incomparable. I never thought I could connect with my inner goddess like this. It was pure magic that happened. I have never experienced such true Sisterhood in my life. I am deeply inspired.


Magic exists. The experience cannot be put into words...

My heart was deeply touched, my soul deeply nourished. It has shown me new ways that allow me to honor and celebrate my femininity more. And most importantly, I finally got permission to feel, to feel everything that is there. It was allowed to be there and didn't need to be suppressed, modified or adjusted, it was just allowed to be. I was allowed to bathe in the nurturing and so soothing presence of my sisters. Was allowed to experience gentleness, tenderness and closeness like never before. So tender, so vulnerable, so loving. And in the next moment dancing wildly, untamed and free. To the beat of our wild nature. Contradicting, soft, wild, gentle, flowing, strong, free and everything in between. I experienced what it means to be in connection, especially with myself and with the different parts of my femininity. And I was able to see the gifts in each part.


It´s so easy and safe in your space to let go completely.

On the one hand it was pure celebration of pleasure, indulgence and abundance, on the other hand of course deep healing, releasing and shadow work. But even that has been so much fun with you. Because it is so easy and safe in your spaces to "let go completely" and let go in the energy and momentum of the ceremony. It was so easy to let go. Showing myself naked, dancing like this, celebrating my body, sounding was the most natural thing in the world, where before there was already permission, but still some shame/fear. I was able to completely shake that off here and let go. The freedom to show myself in my fullness. Especially also in my sexuality and femininity. Even though I am already confident and feel free showing my true sef, in the topic of sexuality I was still a little insecure. But now I feel safe, grounded and confident in it.


I found the connection to my body again.

I see things more clearly. I have become more self-confident and calmer. I have rarely felt so protected. I wish I could have stopped time. In general I am overwhelmed. By everything. I felt so free and accepted.


On my retreats I´ ve witnessed the fastest and deepest transformation possible. When women come together to heal, to celebrate, to simply be and to experience sisterhood, something unbelievable, beyond words, happens. Pure magic and deep medicine for the feminine body, heart and soul. We remember, deeply - our true greatness - who we are beyond all the stories we´ ve told ourselves.

We hold the power to create our own Paradise on Earth.

7 days of daily transformative, intensive rituals, ceremonies, healing breathwork, embodiment & yoga, sound healing & sisterhood

7 days & 6 nights in our Garden of Eden: an insanely beautiful luxury estate in Ibiza with lush gardens, a salt water and an eco pool, spa (sauna + salt water whirlpool) - our secluded oasis of heaven

One excursion to Ibiza´s wild beaches with nature ceremony

Orgasmic gourmet food prepared by our private chef (plant-based): Brunch, light lunch & dinner.

Morning Embodiment Flows & Sensual Yoga








Tao-Tantric Arts, Priestess Temple Arts, Womb Healing, Female Shamanic Journeys, Shadow Work, Archetypal Work

Garden Eden Photoshoot + captured memories for you to keep forever


Telegram group before and after the retreat - to stay connected and share


The Location: Our Oasis

We live in a secluded luxury estate in Ibiza - the beauty and magic cannot be captured in words. The place is a serene oasis: vibrant, calm, strong, lush and abundant. Each suite and room is uniquely decorated with natural materials combined with luxury. Every room has its own bathroom with stunning bathtubs. Many have their own terrace and outside area. You will have your own suite or share one with another woman. They are all named after different goddesses. For the full room catalogue with detailed description and pictures, please inquire via mail.

We have two pools: a large salt water pool and a smaller natural eco pool. We also have a spa with whirlpool and sauna. There are many spaces to gather, connect, sit together - as well as daybeds and more secluded areas if you wish to journal, reflect, rest or integrate. There are three balinese temples and tropical lush greens.

Please message me on Instagram (@silja.janina) or email to receive the catalogue with prices, payment plans and remaining room categories 🌹

* Individual payment plans possible starting from 250€/month

About Ibiza

It is no coincidence that this retreat takes place on Ibiza. Since first having been to Ibiza, I had a very special connection to this island. The energy here is unlike anywhere else - the island takes you deep, holds you firmly and invites you to surrender into the beauty of transformation. It is known as the scorpio island - vibrating with the energy of the zodiac sign of scorpio: intense, deep, rebirthing, sexually vibrating. We will be on Ibiza when most tourists are gone, and the true beauty of the island shows: the weather is still mild in November, ranging between 18 - 24 degrees Celsius. It can be rainy, but most days are pure sunshine.

To me, this makes the atmosphere of the island extra unique, calm and secluded. Ibiza has beautiful secluded beaches, wild coasts and is especially green in Autumn time. Ibiza is said to be ruled by the goddess Tanit - the goddess of fertility, creativity, dance and the moon. She is said to protect Ibiza - and I can truly feel this mythology as truth. Ibiza is a very feminine island - and to me the absolute perfectly aligned place on earth for this retreat.

email me

Please email me at or write me on Instagram if you would like to book a spot or if you have further questions. I'm excited to connect with you.

I am a coach, mentor and healer for female sexuality, empowerment & embodiment. Through my own deep healing journey I have found my true purpose in guiding women back to their feminine power. 

I love combining Tao-Tantra with female shamanic elements, the feminine mysteries and modern psychological knowledge about transformation and healing. Besides 1:1 sessions, online courses and ceremonies I host regular international women´ s retreats.

I´ve never been to a retreat and I get nervous thinking about it. What should I do?

Great! Every big change starts with fear and doing something for the very first time. On all my retreats, there are several women who are very nervous or in fear. All that is welcome and I can say from experience, you will never regret having gone, but you will if you give in to fear. It´ s normal and human to be nervous before going to a retreat with so many other women. Your body and nervous system will always be scared before big transformation and changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a refund if I can´t take part?

Yes, included in the price is an insurance that covers the full costs for you in the event of sickness or travel restrictions. Please note that this only applies if you can prove that you really cannot come due to external reasons or sickness. You do not get your money back should you decide to not come because of personal decisions.

I don´t have any experiences with your topics. Can I still participate?

Please write me so we can find out. My spaces are safe and trauma sensitive. However, a sense of self-responsibility and experience with self-development is essential and required in this retreat.

Does Tantra mean there will be sexual activities?

No. There will never be any sexual interactions in any form between the participants or the space holders. Tantra is so much more than sexuality - it´ s a philosophy and way of living. Female sexuality however will be topic in our rituals and ceremonies.

Do I have time to explore Ibiza during our retreat days?

We will do one excursion to the beach together - but we will stay together as a group. We will be together for 7 days - you do have time to integrate and relax, but if you want to explore Ibiza on your own, either arrive earlier on the island or stay some days longer. You have the option to add 1 extra night for a fee if you´ d like to stay longer on the property (price depends on the room category you booked). I am happy to give you advice for beautiful affordable places close to our retreat place if you arrive earlier or stay longer.


6. - 9. JULI, 2023 

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