Fall wildly in love with your body, feel deeply worthy, magnetic and embody the sensual Love Siren within you.

Awaken your most magnetic, sensual, self-loving you.

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How you relate to yourself determines everything in your life.

Yes, everything. How worthy you feel, how connected you are to your body & if you allow your natural magnetism to flow determines: What kind of love + relationships you attract. How much pleasure you can feel + how deeply you can let go – in your sexuality and life in general. If you start actually living your dream life. Or if you’re just dreaming about it.

It determines how you feel day in day out living in your body.

If you continue doing the same things over again, stay in your limiting beliefs and patterns of keeping yourself small – you settle for a life that is not what you deeply desire. If you stay disconnected from yourself, your body and your pleasure, you stay disconnected from your deepest authentic feminine essence. From your true power.

You are THE ONE in your life.

And it all starts with YOU and your relationship with yourself. So how about starting to write the...

...the hottest, most passionate love story with yourself?

I´m in!

You are your best friend, most loyal lover and the person you will spend every second of your life with. So better make that relationship to yourself an epic one.

I felt deep shame for who I am, rejected myself and the connection to my body was non existent. Being disconnected or even at war with yourself hurts a lot. So I went on a journey deep within. I let go of my conditioning and discovered my radiant, magnetic, empowered me. She was inside me all along, waiting to be set free. And she is inside you, too.

And now? I feel deeply embodied - connected to my body, my sensuality, my femininity. I know my worth. I have a healthy, soul deep relationship with my man. I’ve created a life where I follow my passion. I have sex that regularly sends me to heaven and that makes me deeply connected.
And that’s because one day I claimed my worth and started building a loving, trusting relationship with myself. And I actually took action. Because how you treat yourself sets the baseline of how others and life treats you.

It’s time to declare the world that you are an ABSOLUTE FUCKING QUEEN deserving the very best of everything. In love, life, sex and money.

create body safety & feel nourished from within

develop a deeper love and connection to yourself and your body

become naturally magnetic to your desires

become BFF with your pussy, breasts and womb

feel truly worthy – so you can start living the life of your wildest dreams

I want this

deepen your pleasure & sensuality

embody your radiant feminine energy









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Dear Silja, I have the desire to write you a little love letter. Because just now thanks to your Sacred Pussy Awakening Audio I had my first vaginal orgasm 💥✨ I have nearly finished the Love Siren course and Pussy Heaven and I regularly practice the connection to my pussy and can feel how I come into my feminine power and my sensuality more and more. That makes me so incredibly happy to see how this work transforms, even though you can´t grasp it in one single activity. Just thank you for your wonderful courses and your great way to help me (and probably many others ☺️) heal and grow ❣️

I was stepping into the woman I want to become, who exudes self-love, confidence and radiance

- angélina

After two weeks of doing the practices I now feel like I am getting into it fully and opening to my body like never before. This morning I felt so much self-love and sensuality and for a moment I was stepping into the woman I want to become, who exudes self-love, confidence and radiance! Thank you for creating such a beautiful experience.

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Read what others say

Read what others say


Hello dear Silja, I am so blissed out and want to thank you from my heart for the great Love Siren Workbook ☺️ I had a stressful week full of work, then I did the massage and have just written my 3 love letters and spontaneously had the impulse to integrate those while meditating. That felt so unbelievably good and now I am dancing and am so excited about how happy all this already makes me 🥰 Even though I am just at the beginning of the course. I am so curious what the active parts will then do with me 👏🏼

I've already done many courses on tantra and femininity, but I could never surrender and let go as much as with this one. 

- nathalie

I can feel with how much love you've created everything and this transmits to me, my body feeling and the relationship to my pussy. 

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...not created in your mind. You need to activate it in your whole system. So you actually feel safety, love, connection and pleasure in your body. Sourcing it from within. That’s what changes your reality. And this course provides you with all the tools.

What you get:




Add Pussy Heaven for the ultimate self-love & pleasure bundle

A match made in heaven! Pussy Heaven will do exactly what the name says: take your pussy back to heaven - with practices to heal, release energies and memories, connect with and sensitize her.