Unravel your most sensual, liberated and ecstatic self.

Embody your authentic feminine expression, magnetize naturally what you desire & build oceanic self-love.

🌹 Radiate Deep Self-Love, Confidence, and Magnetism

Learn how to liberate your sexual essence so you feel more empowered and abundant.

🌹 Unleash Shameless Sexuality and Orgasmic Pleasure

Take back your power, your body and your emotions + feel liberated from deep within.

🌹 Alchemize Your Emotions, Trauma & Release Past Pains & Lovers

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling confident and beautiful in your body...

...embracing every inch of your skin, every wrinkle and every belly roll. Imagine the you that unapologetically owns herself, her desires and her unique erotic essence. 

You feel magnetic, sexy, deeply rooted in your feminine and turned on by life 🔥💦

You love your pussy and she loves you back, gifting you deep pleasure and magical orgasms. You know how to handle your emotions and turn bad days into days of joy.

Some voices in your head might be in slight disbelief that this could be your reality. Oh I know them so well! 

Sexual trauma made me struggle with feeling deeper pleasure during sex and life in general. I was constantly overwhelmed by heavy emotions, felt disconnected from my body, my pussy and my sexuality and embodied “I’m not enough” on every level possible. I thought something was deeply wrong with me. 

Until one day I decided that it was enough of a lifetime of “not enough”. So I committed to deeply healing my relationship with myself and my sexuality. And holy moly WOW, my reality shifted in the most profound ways…

For most of my life, I thought, "I’m just not made for deep self-love and ecstatic sexual pleasure."

A quantum leap in my confidence, my pleasure and my sexuality. 

It was the most sacred—and sexiest


of my life. And now, I'm sharing the practices and energetics with you.

All my courses in one. All I´ ve learnt during my journey and my own transformation - packed in a deep, intensive course. 






video practices, teachings, ceremonies & rituals


audio practices, guided pleasure practices, meditations


workbooks + 8 practice playlists


monthly calls + access to my membership
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  • Oceanic Self-love
  • Body Safety & Connection
  • Sensuality
  • Pussy Reclamation
  • Heart Opening 
  • Menstrual Magic
  • Sensual Breasts
  • ... and more!

Module One

i want it all


  • Trauma Healing
  • Shadow Work
  • Sexual Healing
  • Emotional Alchemy
  • From Pain to Pleasure
  • Heart Healing
  • Vaginal Dearmoring
  • ... and more!

(This is the course "Sexual Alchemy")

Module two

i´m in


  • Different Types of Orgasms
  • Self Pleasure Rituals
  • Shameless Sexuality
  • Seduction & Sensuality
  • Magnetism
  • ... and more!

Module three

Yes please!


  • Tantra
  • Sex Magic
  • Kinks + Fantasies
  • Deep Sexuality
  • Erotic Archetype
  • Orgasmic Manifestation
  • The art of Cock Worship
  • ... and more!

Module four




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I can only attest to this. I have done Sacred Metamorphosis last year. The content is wonderful and so incredibly helpful in many different situations! All other courses are taken from this course I believe, so my recommendation can be extended to those as well.

Wow Silja I have done a meditation from Sacred Metamorphosis today (emotional alchemy) in the bath tub today. I am bleeding right now and went through a intense time with my family  that has brought up a lot, and this meditation was absolutely magical! I have traveled so deep into my subconscious and for the first time in my life I could contact my inner child and let her into my heart. That was so magical. Thank you thank you thank you.

I have just finished the workbook of module 1 and I can feel HOW DAMN POWERFUL this course is!!! I am sooooo motivated and really will commit. Wow I am so grateful! In the retreat you have awakened something inside me and I have the feeling that the inner goddess that I have felt there, will now be really manifested through this course...It feels like a new chapter ❤️🦋 You are luxury for the soul and I enjoy your work and unique sensual approach.

A little glimpse into the module 🥺 I am speechless again and I am so excited  to take my time the next days, for myself 🌹

How much time do I need to invest?

This is totally up to you. For the monthly live calls, you can plan between 1,5h-3h each month - the pre-recorded content depends on how often / deep you want to go into the practices. For 8-10h per month you would take a lot out of this, but you can spend way more or way less if you like. You can do everything at your own pace and adapt it to your specific lifestyle.

Frequently Asked

Is this LBTGQ+ friendly?

Who you love does not play a role in this course, as it´s about YOUR authentic sexuality, no matter how that is expressed in you. The course is designed for people with vulvas who identify with being female.


Do I have life-long access?

You do. You also receive any upgrades of this course at no extra cost. You pay now and it´s yours forever.

Do you refund?

Digital products usually don´t have refunds. However, if you can prove you have gone through all the course and done the practices, workbooks, watched the videos etc. and you see NO transformation, I will give you a full refund.  I wholeheartedly believe in my work and the incredible transformative effect it has.