A Remembrance of your Orgasmic Truth.


  • Waking up in the morning feeling confident and beautiful in your body – embracing every inch of your skin, every wrinkle and every belly roll.
  • You unapologetically own all of yourself, your desires and your unique erotic essence.
  • You feel magnetic, sexy, deeply rooted in your feminine and turned on by life.
  • You love your pussy and she loves you back, gifting you deep pleasure and magical orgasms. 
  • You know how to turn bad days into days of joy.

In 4 months from now, your reality could be shifted profoundly.

Is any of this you?

  • You are done feeling insecure, thinking you’re not beautiful or sexy enough and not truly loving all of you?
  • You desire a deeper connection to your body, your sensuality and your (orgasmic) pleasure?
  • You want to overcome fears, shame or guilt in your sexuality and let go of the blocks towards expressing your fully liberated sexual self?
  • You want to learn how to let go of your past or emotions that weigh you down?
  • You crave to fully step into your feminine power and live your authentic truth, but there’s just something holding you back?
  • You catch yourself being in your mind when you have sex, thinking about all the things you dislike about your body or if what you’re doing is right? (Goodbye, orgasms!)
  • You desire having full-body mind-blowing orgasms and feeling like a sex goddess, but somehow you think you’re not made for that?

I know how that feels.

Most of my life, I thought I’m just not made for deep self-love and ecstatic sexual pleasure.

Sexual trauma made me struggle with feeling deep pleasure during sex and life in general.

I was constantly overwhelmed by heavy emotions, felt disconnected from my body, my pussy and my pleasure and embodied “I’m not enough” on every level possible.

I thought something was deeply wrong with me. 

Until one day I decided that it was enough of a lifetime of “not enough”.

So I committed to deeply healing my relationship with myself and my sexuality.

And holy moly WOW, my reality shifted in the most profound ways…

A quantum leap in my confidence, my pleasure and my sexuality. 

It was the most sacred – and sexiest – METAMORPHOSIS of my life. And I will share the practices and energetics with you in this course.

Healing and empowerment through pleasure and orgasms. Yes please! Because every woman deserves this.

in This course you will


  • Unravel shameless confidence + your unique feminine magnetism
  • Become more orgasmic + unlock new layers of pleasure
  • Fully awaken your sexual energy + get turned on by life
  • Alchemize your emotions into pleasure + inner peace
  • Get to know and own ALL your sexual flavors, desires + fantasies – including the dark and taboo ones
  • Embody your inner sex goddess
  • Let go of shame, pain, stagnant energy + past (sexual) experiences
  • Build a loving, healthy relationship with your womb, breasts & pussy – full of liberated pleasure
  • Learn the art of seduction, sex magic + orgasmic manifestation to create a (love) life beyond your wildest dreams

Let me introduce…


is a powerful transformational 4 months journey…

…to overcome limiting beliefs and conditioning

…emotional and somatic blockages

…your past + anything else holding you back, so you can

live an orgasmic life full of love, pleasure and goodness

shamelessly owning all that you are and stepping into your sexual power and feminine magic

A mix of group coaching, private mastermind and intense online course.

An explosion of deliciousness.

What you get

+ Secret Orgasmic Magic

Just some of the deliciousness that awaits you:

Module 1


The Art of Feminine Magnetism / Deep Heart Opening + Self-Love / Menstrual Magic / Sensual Breast Ritual / Shameless Nudity + Body Acceptance / Tantric Touch / Heart – Womb – Connection / Pussy Reclamation

Module 2

THE SHADOW Alchemistress

From Pain to Pleasure / Heart Healing / Vaginal Dearmoring / Liberate your Emotions + your Body / Owning your Darkness + Rage / Releasing Past Lovers / Sexual Healing 101

Module 3

THE SENSUAL Seductress

Yoni + Womb Connection / Orgasmic Alchemy / Pussy Awakening / Yoni Egg Magic / Awakening + Channeling Sexual Energy / Unleash your Sensuality / Seduce like a Queen / Pleasure Expansion​

Module 4


Erotic Archetype Embodiment / Orgasmic Manifestation / The Art of Cock Worship / Delicious + Healing Self Pleasure Rituals / Sex Magic + Tantra / Dark Sexuality, Kinks + Fetishes / Abundance Through Pleasure​

What other women say about my work:

It was truly something else.

The energy and beauty was beyond comparison. I would have never thought that I could connect with my inner goddess like that.

I was able to release so many stuck emotions, to really heal deep old wounds

…and to feel what it is like to be the woman I am meant to be. Connecting to our sexuality, nourishing our body, feeling it in the most sensual way changed my relationship to my body. I was able to heal a lot of my sister wound. I overcame so many fears and what waited behind them was just beautiful. You need to go through your fears in order to see love again and to heal.

This has done so much with me.

I have found the connection to my body again. I am more confident and more calm. I have rarely felt so safe and held in my life. I felt so free and accepted.

The experience cannot be put into words.

I was invited to surrender to my feminine essence and allow my inner goddess to rise. I have experienced what it means to feel connected to me and honor all of me. And I was able to see the beauty in every facet of me.

You choose your style:

option one


Pre-Recorded Course Content – self study style.

27 x Video Practices, Rituals + Masterclasses
24 x Audio Practices
4 x Workbooks
Practice Playlists

INVESTMENT: 1980,00€

– Or pay 360,00€ / per month –

option two


FULL Version:

Pre-Recorded Course Content PLUS Q&A + Live Calls in intimate group container of 6 women.

27 x Video Practices, Rituals & Masterclasses
24 x Audio Practices
4 x Workbooks
Practice Playlists

+ 8 x LIVE Group Calls + Rituals (90min, bi-weekly)
+ Q&As (answering your personal challenges & questions)
+ Supportive Telegram Group (to share, celebrate + connect)

INVESTMENT: 2950,00€

– Or pay 520,00€ / per month –

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frequently asked questions

Sacred METAMORPHOSIS is for both women who are absolute beginners, but also for ones who are further down their journey of sexual awakening. The practices are designed to meet you where you’re at and take you to your next level – which will be different for each woman. The practices take you deeper and deeper each time.

I HIGHLY recommend getting a crystal egg and wand. However, there will be only one practice where it is a bit more challenging without. In the other practices, you could alternatively use your fingers or just visualize energy. You will get the best results with a crystal egg & wand though.

Depends on you. The practices and live classes make up around 8-10h per month (equals 2-3h per week). How often you repeat the practices and incorporate them into your daily life is up to you. This course is not meant as something you do for 4 months and then forget about, but to inspire you to incorporate the practices on a regular basis and make long-lasting changes in how you relate to yourself, your body and your sexuality.

Although in the second month we will dive deep into sexual healing and releasing emotions and past experiences, this course does NOT replace psychotherapy or medical advice. If you have never worked with your trauma, I recommend to seek additional support when doing this course. 

There will be a high quality recording of every live session so you will never miss out on anything. 

Yes, it’s your forever!

I do not.

Send an email to: or message me on Instagram my love.